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Hotel Booked

2008-11-17 17:29:59 by EviLDoG

I've booked the hotel for the london meetm it's the london city road travelodge for £84 for friday and saturday night for 3 adults!

7 mins on the tube (Moorgate to Tower Hill (Which is where the flat is) ).

Travelodge Info:
Guest name: D Shelley
To stay at: London City Road

Arriving: 16 Jan 2009
And leaving: 18 Jan 2009

Staying in a: Family room (Non-smoking)

Total: £84.00

I'm all ready :)

Read more about it below: don-meet4-2009-main.html

London Meet

2008-09-19 15:45:41 by EviLDoG

Very much enjoyed the last meet up, see you in january!

My girlfriend

2007-07-29 17:28:37 by EviLDoG

Here is my girlfriend, i love her loads.

LOL just met her out one night, then went back to her place, boinked. Can't remember her name, have you seen that roll of flab on her left arm and how her chin goes?

I think it's pretty cute in it's on little way.

After i had sex anyway, she was on the outside of the bed so i was stuck between her and the wall so i had to crawl out of the bloody end of the bed and then sneak out the door. She started texting me and this is when she sent me this wonderful picture:

My girlfriend