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Entry #3

Hotel Booked

2008-11-17 17:29:59 by EviLDoG

I've booked the hotel for the london meetm it's the london city road travelodge for £84 for friday and saturday night for 3 adults!

7 mins on the tube (Moorgate to Tower Hill (Which is where the flat is) ).

Travelodge Info:
Guest name: D Shelley
To stay at: London City Road

Arriving: 16 Jan 2009
And leaving: 18 Jan 2009

Staying in a: Family room (Non-smoking)

Total: £84.00

I'm all ready :)

Read more about it below: don-meet4-2009-main.html


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2008-11-17 17:32:07

I really hope you don't have a stalker
(Your making it too easy for him)

EviLDoG responds:

No i'm way too ugly, i do the stalking


2008-11-17 22:28:43

does that place have a website?

EviLDoG responds:

Hi Luis it's

Excuse the late reply, always forget to check my newgrounds front page!

There's some from the same franchise closer, but that one offered the cheapest prices.




2008-11-18 14:09:53

Look forward to your drunken shenanigans again dean.

EviLDoG responds:

Haha, i'm not getting drunk this time! I went out with the apprentice from work tuesday :S, i had to carry him to the basement of the university of where we are working, i had to basically break into there cause it was about 2 am, then i ended up at that place that i went to after i left you guys at the meet :(. I had been so long resisting it.


2008-11-19 14:12:37


EviLDoG responds:

Sure thing, i'll be coming back at 3am drunken probably though so i'll have to get you an additional key card!


2008-11-20 16:39:45

it depends on a few things....

1. I could stay with luis....i dont know
2. is just going to me and you dean? I DONT WANT TO BE RAPPED
3. its to early to tell if i can come and lodge....i would feel bad if i didnt pay...i also i have to tell my parents im staying at a friends and that it would be inconspicuous.

apart from that it seems like fun and shit so yeah if i do come i swear bring any ladies home and you are FUCKED!

EviLDoG responds:

Don't worry about getting raped, i'll bring lubricant.

You can have a turn on the lady after me if you want.

No worries about paying.


2008-12-04 17:34:52

Say I was thinking, if I paid you could I get a place in that lodge?

For me?

EviLDoG responds:

Yeah sure, although it's booked for 3 adults, will you be 16 by then? Cause i'll need to get you a card key to get you into the room cause ill be getting drunk till 3am.


2008-12-12 11:38:37

Err no I will still be 15 by then. Would I need to show ID for the room?


2009-01-14 14:31:23

Bro so going, im too cheap for a hotel but i leave in London so....


2009-01-28 15:10:17

One time at school I found £1 on the ground lol now its mine oh yeah


2013-08-14 14:48:35

You still get on?